When Can A Slip and Fall Accident a Liability of a Property Owner?

The following circumstances have to be proved true by the injured party in order to be responsible in any claim against falling, tripping or slipping accident:

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  1. The employer or the owner of the property is already aware of the risk and potential hazards but remained quite.
  2. Potential hazards have been caused by the owner or any personnel employed by the owner such as spill, torn or worn spot, slippery surfaces and dangerous for underfoot.
  3. The owner or his personnel already have an idea of the potential hazard of the property because someone knowledgeable has replaced, repaired or removed it.

The third circumstance is often common but is hard to establish, whether the owner of the property has taken steps or actions to keep the property reasonable, secured and safe.

According to the law, verifying what is “reasonable” focus on whether the owner took necessary and careful attention to ensure that the property is free and safe from potential hazards. Being “reasonable” could be determined through the following:

  • Was broken or poor lighting a component to the accident?
  • Has the owner undergone regular activity or protocol to ensure that the premises underwent timely repairing, cleaning or maintenance before a victim tripped? Is there any proof of such activities?
  • Has the potential hazard been present for a considerable period of time which the owner should have known or had knowledge about it?
  • Was there a good reason why an object was placed in your path, could the object have been covered, removed or secured?
  • Was there any reason why the object is placed on the ground or floor during the time when you have tripped over it? Give reasons how it outweighs the risk to potential hazards?
  • Was there any informative/warning sign or simple barrier to caution people of the potential hazard?
  • Was there any action taken to relocate the object to a safer place with less inconvenience to the owner of the premise?

If the above results responses favorably at your side, you are considerably entitled to financial claims from trip and fall or slip and fall liabilities.

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The Importance of Expert Witnesses in Personal Injury Case

Every personal injury case is flooded with serious matters concerning damages, proof, evidence and liability which necessitate the presence of expert witnesses or testimonies. At all grounds, it is important that the expert witnesses can concur with the components of damages, causation and liability in order for the plaintiff to receive the appropriate compensation which he or she deserves.

For instance, there are questions of negligence that can be involved in a traumatic brain injury case caused by pharmaceutical company of medicines given to a victim, a provider of health care and an organization or individual that is the cause of incident which resulted to the injury. All issues pertaining to this accident must be addressed including the capacity of the victim to work and the type of work that can be done, a victim’s ability to think, psychological harm, the victim’s medical needs and treatment and other additional concerns. Every issue must be appropriately addressed and for this reason, an expert witness play a very crucial role.

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A group of expert medical witnesses will be assembled by your personal injury attorney in Vegas to speak out for any medical fault done by your health provider and likewise to evaluate whether or not standard care has been extended or there was an act of negligence. When regards on a victim’s cognitive injury, a neuropsychologist or a neurologist will testify and streamline the required therapy or diagnose the injury. A psychologist moreover will confirm whether or not the victim is experiencing post traumatic stress disorder and how it will influence the victim’s way of living. Ideally, both the psychologist and the neurologist must have concurrence as to the grounds and scope of the impairment as well how it could affect the victim in dealing with the injury and its outcome.

Personal injury law in Nevada states that testimonies from expert witnesses are considered highly imperative because it streamlines the importance of the treatment and other future expenses in medical, vocational trainings and its relation to the intensity of the injury.

In order to establish a stronger defense and present feasible claim in a brain injury case, all expert witnesses must be on the same grounds to prove the severity of the injury suffered by the victim.

They should have a consistent and logical diagnosis on the victim to guarantee that the intensity of the damage is fitting based on the victim’s change in lifestyle, severity of the injury and the dependability of the past and expected damages. Basically it is of absolute importance that expert witnesses must be persuasive, articulate and authoritative to convince the jury to believe with their conclusions.

If you are injured or involved in an accident, it is essential to seek the help of a personal injury attorney in Vegas who is proficient to protect your rights. You should have someone by your side that has the expertise in personal injury incidents and will guarantee to act as your counsel all throughout the process until you deserve the appropriate financial compensation in which you are entitled to. A true legal representation who has the access to proficient individuals that will guarantee your protection and make sure that you are reasonably compensated from financial, emotional, mental and physical loss.

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