Las Vegas Personal Injury

A personal injury case is just that—personal. A person’s life has been turned upside-down. We see the struggle to recover from your injuries, the stress of lost time from work, and your need for lost wage reimbursement. We understand the need for good doctors to treat you and the nights you spend unable to sleep because of pain. We do all we can to help you through these issues and we work tirelessly on your behalf to get your life and health back.

If you’re facing a personal injury in Las Vegas due to an accident or mishap that wasn’t your fault, then let the best legal counsel in Las Vegas come to your aid. We all understand that getting financial compensation for a personal injury case won’t fix everything, but it can diminish some of the stress involved with trying to put your life back together.

The Best Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

As prepared and as cautious as we may be in our everyday lives in Las Vegas, sometimes things happen which are beyond our capacity to control. And when you’re injured by someone else’s negligence, there needs to be compensation. After an injury you’re left to fend for yourself, to work through the aftermath with your family, when all you really want is for things to be back how they used to be.

When expensive medical bills pile up and you’ve potentially lost income due to being unable to work, these impacts can be devastating for you and your family. That’s when you need to get in touch with the best personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, Gallian Welker and Beckstrom. We’ve handled hundreds of personal injury cases and know what it takes to win them and to get you the just compensation that you deserve. The most aggravating aspect of a personal injury accident is feeling like so many aspects of your life are beyond your control, and that’s where we come in–to give you back that control.

Las Vegas Personal Injury Claim

If you’ve been hurt or injured through no fault of your own here in Las Vegas or southern Utah, give us a call as you may have a winnable case. When we work through a personal injury case our job is to recover the best financial results we can for our client. Again, we understand that money won’t solve every issue you’re faced with now, and it doesn’t take away the suffering and pain you’ve endured, nor does it repair the severe injuries that you’ve sustained from the accident. But it can relieve and decrease the financial burdens that come along with personal injury accidents.

These types of personal injury claims can be the result of any number of accidents, from an individual person or a corporate organization. Often they are the result of an auto accident, medical malpractice, workplace accident, or wrongful death claim; but no matter what cause the accident, if you were injured by another through no fault of your own then we can help you work through it as your premier personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas.

Why use a Las Vegas personal injury attorney?

  • You’re outmatched. When looking at a personal injury case of you against an entire team of legal professionals that an insurance company has, you’ll lose nearly every time.
  • Personal injury law is complex. The laws that surround personal injury in Las Vegas are very complex and onerous to understand.
  • Insurance company tactics. Insurance companies will take full advantage of every opportunity they can to avoid paying out a claim. There are few things they won’t do if they have to.
  • You can’t afford to wait. Stall tactics are one of insurance companies’ best tactics, and while you’re wallowing away with medical bills pilling up, they’re intentionally trying to stall and make the experience that much worse.

If you’ve been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, then get a Las Vegas personal injury attorney on your side today at Gallian Welker and Beckstrom. We know what it takes to win accident cases, and we’ll be able to tell you right away if your case has merit, so give us a call today.